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A Career On Your Own Terms - Terry McDougall

A Career On Your Own Terms - Terry McDougall

If you are in the can’t-find-the-job-I-really-want slump you will want to listen to this woman.

Terry McDougall began a podcast to share her learning experiences during her career so other people could benefit from her stumbles and skinned knees. That turned into a book: Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms. She started out in marketing but loved the mentoring and coaching aspect of her responsibilities. Today she is a career coach and radiates with the wisdom of the current work environment. Learn:

  • Limited self-belief impedes your progress
  • Define what you really want: embracing impossible dreams produces miraculous results
  • Become confident in yourself
  • Internal validation will bring you further along than external
  • Avoid “New Manager” mistakes
  • Stress: Fight or flight mode limits your vision to a pinhole

If you feel you need a career coach you can’t go wrong with Terry. Listen and see for yourself.

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