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Transform Your Life - Angela Bennett

Transform Your Life - Angela Bennett

Angie is a beautiful woman from Sydney, Australia who experienced many years of hardships. She was a lost soul who more or less groped around through life doing whatever she could to survive. She went to an all-girls school where she never really fit in. She had her first baby at seventeen and her second at twenty-one while surviving two toxic, abusive relationships. For a brief time, she earned money as a sex worker. (It is legal in Australia.)Through all this, she always believed there was a much greater purpose for her life. She just didn’t know how to get there. Today she is a transformational coach reaching out to women and men in the sex trade industry. She is beginning a book that will be a platform for others in that business to share their stories. If you are willing to do the work, and you want your life to change Angie can be reached:

Website (Still being constructed) angieb.com.au

Email Angie@ angieb.com.au

Instagram: Angie B _transformations

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