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Coming from Heart - Titus Kleppinger

Coming from Heart - Titus Kleppinger

Titus is a very laid-back individual and quite successful. How did he find himself there? He practices what he teaches. He is a business coach. He utilizes an algorithm to show how and where business owners can increase their bottom line. He is also a personal coach and has many effective tools there as well. Here are some of his thoughts:

  • Dreams need to be exercised
  • What dream or vision would you have if you knew failure wasn’t possible
  • Emotion (Passion) is the secret sauce that moves the dream forward
  • Strengthen yourself physically, mentally, spiritually
  • Daily positive affirmations: Don’t just write them. Speak them out loud

He purposed in his heart that he would be an example of all those and more and so he is. During the pandemic lockdown, he discovered an artistic talent he didn’t know he had which is taking off now. He has been a part of an art show from which he was commissioned to do a piece for someone. Also, a documentary has been filmed about him (not released yet). If you believe you can learn success and confidence from someone who has it, maybe you should talk to him.

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