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Dealing With the Emotions of Finances - Adam Koren

Dealing With the Emotions of Finances - Adam Koren

Want to set your mind at ease about your finances? Adam Koren is a compassionate financial coach who takes a creative approach to help people deal with money issues. He finds that people don’t like to talk about money. In many cases, they don’t like to deal with it at all until they are hit with some sort of crisis for which they don’t have funds to deal with but feel they should. Most financial and/or investment counselors deal with the should or shouldn’t rules of money handling. His approach is to deal with the emotional attachments to what things money can do for a person. He likes to determine what:

  • A person wants on both the numbers and emotional side
  • Will relieve their anxiety (which is not necessarily slashing the food budget)
  • It Will help them not be uncomfortable about talking about their money

He states the growth benefit his clients experience from working with him is they begin by being extremely anxious and ashamed and end up feeling relaxed, confident, and settled in their mind and heart. He wants people to know they don’t have to face the money issue alone. He does recommend a personal management tool that most of his clients find very helpful which is the free app “Mint” from Intuit. For a consultation, he can be found at adamkoren.com and offers a discount for mentioning the podcast so be sure and listen to this one!

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