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Don’t Overthink It - Adam Parr

Don’t Overthink It - Adam Parr

As a young kid, Adam experienced some traumatic things which triggered PTSD. At thirteen he began to take steps to change himself without yet understanding himself. He says prior to that he was all ego. He got interested in mental health but pursued a diverse selection of possible careers none of which fulfilled him. He’d always had a desire to work with and help people. He started an audio-only podcast while working through some of his own issues. His is a very interesting and compelling story. Most people don’t begin their journey quite so young. He is a certified life coach as well as a podcaster. If the things he says resonates with you here is how you can get in touch with him:

Linked In: Direct message him

Instagram: @Parrsitivity 94

Email: adam.p.994@gmail.com