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Embrace the Pain Points in Your Life – Frank Sinclair

Embrace the Pain Points in Your Life – Frank Sinclair

Everybody in Colorado Springs (just about) knows Frank Sinclair. He is the Chief Encouragement Officer (CEO) for Dream Again. If you are saying to yourself, “Yeah, he probably had a charmed life to earn that kind of popularity,” think again. Inspired by his three kids' business success he decided to create Dream Again at 61. He experienced more challenges and pain in his life than a lot of people. He just learned to leverage them. He’s coined a term that should probably appear in the dictionary someday: relationomics. He declares, “Relationships drive business and commerce. They are critical to keeping you moving forward.” There is a whole lot more to his story. You have a lot to gain by listening to this podcast. Frank can be reached at the following:

dreamagainllc.com, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, or give him a call at 719-373-7115

He has a book that can be found on Amazon: Dream Again – Lessons on Leveraging Your Pain

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