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Embrace the Suck - Danielle McCarthy

Embrace the Suck - Danielle McCarthy

Danielle is a Colorado Springs native; she loves hiking, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Danielle’s caring and attentive nature is reflected in her personality and career fields. She has a BA in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. From there she went on to earn a Double Major MA in Special Education. Teaching special needs children, as well as being an Interpreter for the Deaf has allowed her to refine her caring and attentive nature. Danielle cared for her mother for the final 9 months of her mother’s life, in 2008, while raising four sons. In 2011, Danielle became a full time caregiver, this time for her husband, David. At that time, Danielle retired from her educational career embarking on the new journey of caring for David. Danielle started a consulting business called Vibrant Caregiving offering her insights and expertise to other caregivers throughout her local community. Between 2012- 2016, Danielle completed a Life Coaching Certification, attended courses toward an MBA, and still cared for her husband and 4 sons full time.

The place where she brings her talents to you is through the school of hard knocks, having had to learn how to recover life in every way after her husband was no longer by her side.

Little known fact: Has been ice climbing, and is looking forward to doing it again!

Today she is an entrepreneur, businesswoman, voracious reader, and surviving spouse. She is a Financial Consultant, Business Builder, Life Coach, & Podcaster.

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