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Experiencing Life - Damon Nailer

Experiencing Life - Damon Nailer

Wow! Do you think you’ve heard it all, experienced it all and now you know it all? Think again. Damon has a wealth of knowledge and understanding because he has never shied away from any opportunity that has presented itself to him. After receiving a BA in education, Damon taught elementary school. Then he was tugged in different directions of public speaking, writing, and music production. From there he has branched off into many spaces that seemingly have no connection but they actually are connected. “Fear and pride inhibit people from exploring and launching themselves on the avenue of self-discovery. It is best to be receptive to everything that comes along your path.”

Tidbits from Damon

  • Don’t accept “no”. No means New Opportunity, Next Option, and Not Over
  • Every opportunity creates connections valuable to your future endeavors
  • Organization is the key to success in every endeavor
  • Network – surround yourself with the strengths and talents of others
  • Be a constant student of life
  • Dig deep to find out why you were created, why you’re here, and what you supposed to do

There's a lot more where these came from. Damon is the author of four published books:

The Great Taste of Success

The Greater Taste of Success

Revelation Rightly Revealed (A spiritual guide to the book of Revelation)

Living, Learning, Leading

He can be found at: rillifeacademy.thinkific.com

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