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It's OK To Feel Bad... Don't Wallow In It - Wendy Green

It's OK To Feel Bad... Don't Wallow In It - Wendy Green

When Wendy Green was younger, she wanted to be like Phil Donahue or Oprah Winfrey and talk to some of the most interesting people and ask probing questions. Now she can do that on her own show Hey, Boomer! She started her career in the computer industry with a BS in Computer Science from UNC-Asheville in 1983! Things have changed a little since then.

From her early days in the computer industry, she moved into technical training and pre-sales support, she got a Certificate from Georgetown in Change Management. and she got certified as a Life Coach in 2013. She had her own business for 6 years, an afterschool art enrichment program, where she was selected as the Franchisee of the Year in 2009. She was President of her Rotary Club for 2 years and we raised more money in one of those years than the club had ever raised.

She had gone back into corporate training in 2011. When the pandemic hit, she was laid off on March 23. After a couple of days of wondering what was next, she decided how she wanted to feel. She wanted to feel relevant, She wanted to feel that what she did mattered, and she wanted to help others in the over 55 age group recognize that we all still have a lot to give, and a lot of time left to give it. She did her first Hey, Boomer show on April 13, 2020, live on Facebook. She ends each show with a quote from C.S. Lewis where he said, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.”


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