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It's Ok. Trust the Process - Ashley Snowball Part 2

It's  Ok. Trust the Process - Ashley Snowball Part 2

You can never get too much inspiration or listen too much to people’s journeys. You will discover that truth in this episode. Ashely allows herself to slow down and learn. She had to backtrack quite a way to learn some things that were missed on her previous journey effort. However, what she had already learned allowed her to be an observer and a filter. It is so helpful to hear others’ stories. You discover that yours, while different, is similar. Ashley now lives in the Dominican Republic. A fascinating tale unfolds as to how that came about. She also doesn’t do individual life coaching so much now. Rather she organizes and runs retreats. Ooh, doesn’t going to the Dominican Republic for a spiritual growth retreat sound absolutely perfect? Reach out to Ashley:

Instagram: Ashley_Snowball

Facebook: Ashley Nicole