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Learn From One Another - Chris Dyer

Learn From One Another - Chris Dyer

Learn From One Another - Chris Dyer

Chris has a very interesting life story. She has a “Can Do” spirit and also an artistic flare. Further, she believes in investing in your health and fitness is as important as investing in your financial future. Some of the most unique business models have sprung from her spirit. One business, Embellished Butterfly, features her artistic turn of mind and Positively Panache her unique marketing model. She considers all she comes in touch with to be her collaborators hence the title of this review. Getting started is often challenging for people. She developed an action plan by turning the word ACTION into an acronym. A-Awareness C – Commitment T – Change of Thoughts I – Inspiration O – Oxygen (also Outcome) N – Now, DO it now. If you want to understand this better you need to listen. Chris is a mindset coach, instructor, and innovator.  To get in touch with her try these:

FaceBook –1) Keeping your sparkle 2) Inspired and wanting to thrive

Instagram – chris.dyer.creates

Email – chris@embellishedbutterfly.com

Phone – 503-754-6863

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