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Life is Like a Video Game - Erin Poredos

Life is Like a Video Game - Erin Poredos

Listen in and learn how to go from being Eeyore to Laura Croft! Erin, like most of us, didn’t know who she really was when she got married which ended up in a devastating divorce. This was the rock bottom catalyst that pushed her on her self-discovery journey which then inspired her to become a self-love and divorce coach. She wished she had someone to support her on her journey as it was so difficult. She now is that someone that people need when they are going through the bad stuff in life. Her favorite video game is Tomb Raider. She believes “life is like a video game”. You fight the demons so you can pick up the tools you need to win. Then you go on to the next level. She says, “Marriage is not success and divorce is not failure. We need to change the meaning we assign to things…” If you are experiencing the mulligrubs in your life and would like to install a support person here’s how you can reach out to Erin. She coaches both men and women.

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Email: info@thejoytribeco.ca

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