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Minor Adjustment Major Improvement - Robert Belle

Minor Adjustment Major Improvement - Robert Belle

Robert is a find your creative self coach. He speaks about how well all dream in our youth and foreclose on our license to dream as we get older and responsibilities facing us. His journey took him to a university where he earned his degree. He became a certified accountant. Then he realized he was missing something in his life. He’d given up on his dream which equated to giving up on himself. He recommends to his students that they:

  1. Reverse engineer their lives
  2. Take back their license to dream.
  3. Pay attention to what is going on inside themselves.
  4. For those who think they are not creative, identify why you think you’re not. 

Everyone is born creative. Your creative self is your true self. Robert has written a book called Blow the Lid Off. He can be found at www.robertabelle.com. Send him a message if you would like to schedule a public talk or just meet with him.

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