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Awesome business pod!

So helpful and a great listen!

Dr. G is where you wanna be!

Great podcast and a wonderful kickstart to the mornings. For motivation, inspiration, and actionable tips to shift your mindset, Moving Upstream without a Paddle is where it’s at. Thank you for having me on as a guest!

A Slight Perspective Shift

Dr. G has created an outstanding platform and stage through his podcast to allow others to share what they have done to work on their mindset. I always share that we may hear an idea multiple times, but there could be that one individual that shares that idea in a different perspective and provides the nugget needed for a shift. As a fellow podcaster and friend of Dr. G, I love to hear the wisdom he shares and helped me look at situations differently. It's refreshing to see someone with as much passion as Dr. G possesses to help others make an impact in their lives. I highly suggest listening and #beafriendtellafriend by sharing the knowledge Dr. G provides his community. Let's go!

Amazing Podcast

Great Podcast with consistently good guests providing powerful stories of transformation