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The Color of Resiliency - Michelle Graff

The Color of Resiliency - Michelle Graff

Michelle Graff

Michelle Graff comes from a child welfare background. After a point in her career, she determined she could have more impact by changing her focus to working with the help professionals. This is a packet of powerful information from the author of The Compassion Fatigued Organization: Restoring Compassion to Helping Professionals. The multiple topics Michelle addresses include:

The importance of relationships
How personal and secondary trauma affects people (The brain reacts the same to both.)
The color of resiliency
The fact that the helping professionals are not so different from those needing help.

Michelle focuses on teaching people how to become more self-aware, build resiliency, distinguish self vs. other’s trauma through self-awareness, how to recognize when compassion is being shut off in the brain freeze response for protection, and know that compassion is necessary and replenishable. Michelle believes interpersonal relationships are very important and we must learn how to set appropriate boundaries as well as be respectful of other’s boundaries and accept the fact that we as individuals have no control of another person’s determined boundaries. She talks about the importance of employing and broadening skills needed to reset, maintain, and regulate yourself into responding rather than reacting to those things that trigger the flight, fight or freeze mode of trauma. One can’t help but learn a lot from Michelle Graff.

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