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Understanding Kriya - Grant Ifflander

Understanding Kriya - Grant Ifflander

I was so blessed to have Grant Ifflander on the show. We had some technical issue with him being in Costa Rica, but I believe that the message that was supposed to be delivered was. Grant is first and foremost a practitioner but is otherwise an ordinary human seeking to live an extraordinary life filled with inspiration and joy.

For more than ten years he has been serving the community as a coach, a speaker, a writer, an author, and a yoga teacher. In 2015 he left his career as a mortgage banker and shortly afterward experienced the transformational power that came from establishing a daily sadhana. This led him to begin studying, teaching and presenting all over the world, including places like Costa Rica, Panama, India, and the UK.

Grant believes wholeheartedly in the potentials embedded in human consciousness and trusts in the practices and methods which support a person’s connection to this ineffable force. He has made it his mission to translate and distill the often fanciful concepts of New Age spirituality into a grounded and practical framework to support human empowerment. He believes that coming together with a common interest to awaken, grow, or heal is the power that we need to change the world. 

If you feel inspired to learn more about Yoga, Sadhana, and Kriya reach out to Grant at  https://bridgethegapyoga.com/