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Who Are You Showing Up to Be - Jocelyn Bellows

Who Are You Showing Up to Be - Jocelyn Bellows

Jocelyn is a Break Down to Wake Up Coach, Author, TV Show, and Podcast Host. She works with men and women both on an individual level and in group settings - providing tools and resources for individuals to break through their own BS. Her unique approach provides lasting results transforming from lack to limitless possibilities for others. As a personal coach, these lasting lessons and curiosity to the human spirit, Jocelyn takes center stage on platforms sharing her knowledge and wisdom to get to the heart of how individuals cut themselves short from their own potential and greatness. With a quick wit and enduring smile - and yes with some bumps and bruises of her own along the way - continues to share simple, effective, and efficient modalities to calm and entice the toughest critic.

In her inaugural book, Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now, Jocelyn curated and led a team of 16 authors across 6 continents - leaders and captains of industry - in sharing deeply personal journeys of break downs through alcoholism, career toxicity, leaving cults, abusive parent/child relationships, professional falls, and personal tragedies and journey through the depths of darkness to finding their true authentic selves and personal strength.

As a host of the streaming TV show and Podcast, Break Down to Wake Up - Jocelyn shares conversation with men and women around the globe who continue to show up for themselves amidst their own personal struggles in their journey of life and how they continue to evolve and THRIVE through life’s challenges. Founder of LEAP, the podcast, Jocelyn sits with accomplished entrepreneurs sharing journeys of self-discovery and the twists and turns of starting and growing heart-centered businesses - balanced on belief in self, learning to LISTEN to your inner guide, when to say no and when to say yes.

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