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You Have Intuition, Act On It - Karlee Welder

You Have Intuition, Act On It - Karlee Welder

Karlee is a mindset coach who helps people raise their consciousness and energy levels.  She is also a holistic nutritionist. She states we are manifesting every minute of every day. So what is being produced in your life? Is it where you want to be? If not, you can change it. She can teach you how. Once you have achieved that higher level of energy and consciousness, it is important to protect your energy. If someone drains it from you, get away and renew yourself. She recommends that beginners start small. Search for five-minute guided meditations and build on those.  If you would like to get in touch with Karlee, here’s how:

Website: koachkarlee.com

Instagram Koach.Karlee

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