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You've Got to Move It Move It - Ben Reuter

You've Got to Move It Move It - Ben Reuter

One area in healthy living where people can have a lousy mindset is in the area of physical exercise. Ben’s passion is movement. He has a Ph.D. and teaches at a university in Pennsylvania. A torn retina prevented him from the physical movement he loved. That was a major challenge for him. Want to change your mindset? Here are some things he says about movement:

  • It’s fun
  • Get great ideas so you can problem-solve
  • Improves your quality of life

Here’s how to get started:

  • Hook up with a friend - it will create accountability for you
  • If you have kids, create a way that they can experience the fun of movement
  • Start small - you will be discouraged if you don’t and you can injure yourself
  • Find “your” time of day. Some are better in the morning, some in the evening
  • Hire a personal trainer for one or two sessions if only to talk

Ben recommends a practical approach to fitness. You can find him by googling: Moving2live, or Fitness lab Pittsburgh, or Instagram@fitlabpgh where he posts the podcasts when they will be coming up and his one-minute movement tip hot videos. Give him a try. You’ll improve yourself even more!

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