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Moving Upstream Without a Paddle

Moving Upstream Without a Paddle

The Moving Upstream Without a Paddle Podcast was created based on my eBook that develops the understanding that our thoughts are creating our circumstances. Ultimately, it is up to us to exercise our ability to decide what to think about and thus creating the life we want to live. Even though this sounds like it would be a simple task, most find it to be extremely difficult. This saying has such a negative connotation, but what if it does not have to be? With the proper mindset, you can propel yourself up the proverbial stream with no paddle is needed.

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Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Lisa Berry

May 18, 2022

Lisa is an energetic, effervescent person with a zest for life. She states in this podcast if you change your story (to yourself) your life will automatically change. She states it’s important to tune out and tune in. They u…

Cultivate a Warrior Mindset - Alex Bales

May 11, 2022

Alex is a transformational life coach. Trust me when I say he has the life experiences to back up what he’s learned. Changing yourself to become your true authentic self is not easy. It takes work and it takes time. He reach…

Burnout: A Serious Health Destroyer - Michael Levitt

May 4, 2022

Michael experienced a life-threatening event from burnout. The doctor said he is lucky to be alive. What is burnout? It is when you work so many hours without any breaks and your body gives out. Sometimes the give-out is dea…