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Moving Upstream Without a Paddle

Moving Upstream Without a Paddle

The Moving Upstream Without a Paddle Podcast was created based on my eBook that develops the understanding that our thoughts are creating our circumstances. Ultimately, it is up to us to exercise our ability to decide what to think about and thus creating the life we want to live. Even though this sounds like it would be a simple task, most find it to be extremely difficult. This saying has such a negative connotation, but what if it does not have to be? With the proper mindset, you can propel yourself up the proverbial stream with no paddle is needed.

Recent Episodes

From Prejudice to Philanthropy - Rich Parsons

Dec. 8, 2021

Rich was a preacher's kid and grew up knowing the bible truths. But somewhere along the way, he was infected with a prejudicial mindset. He could be around other ethnicities but he came to the awareness that he didn’t treat …

Don’t Let the Opinions of Others Discourage You - John Vuong

Dec. 1, 2021

One of four kids, John’s family immigrated to Canada from Vietnam. Hard work was what they knew and was their normal. It was probably what made him such a strong, energetic, determined guy from his youth. He started in sales…

Become More Efficient - Elizabeth Pampalone

Nov. 25, 2021

Elizabeth is a marketing guru. The one piece that entrepreneurs and small business owners find difficult to make time for. Trust me. You actually do have the time. She shares so many great tips in this podcast about minimiza…

Angela Bennett

Nov. 20, 2021

Angie is a beautiful woman from Sydney, Australia who experienced many years of hardships. She was a lost soul who more or less groped around through life doing whatever she could to survive. She went to an all-girls school …

Coming from Heart - Titus Kleppinger

Nov. 11, 2021

Titus is a very laid-back individual and quite successful. How did he find himself there? He practices what he teaches. He is a business coach. He utilizes an algorithm to show how and where business owners can increase thei…

The Musical Mindset - Stephen Kohler

Nov. 4, 2021

You have got to tune into this podcast! Stephen is a musician and an executive coach. “What does one have to do with the other?” you ask. The answer to that is everything. His premise is that people have stopped listening. W…